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Imagine a reward that you can hold in your hand, and devour in an instant, with joy and abandonment. That is the pleasure of a cookie or cookie bar. It is sheer enjoyment, and whether young or old, we all have our all-time favorites. Is it the face that they are small or perhaps, the crispy, chewy, sweetness all rolled into one? It is hard to define, but impossible to miss the pleasures derived from a cookie.

At Pandor Boulangerie and Cafe, we produce the finest cookies and bars by the hundreds each and every day. Our guests love our OMG bar. Reward yourself and your family with a nostalgic walk down memory lane. All you rfavorite cookies and bars are here to enjoy. Don't be shy...

Recompensez-vous avec une friandise (reward yourself with a treat!)

Our Cookies & Goodies

Cookie and Bar Products Available:

Chocolate chip