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Weeklings first reported on Pandor back in 2012. Since then, they've grown to include two additional locations. I'm also pleased to report that they're also on OC Weekly's upcoming Fresh Toast roster. One of two founders, Tiffany oversees the business out of their Tustin production facility and headquarter

Most frequently asked question by guests.
Do we make our bread and croissants? Many people don't realize that we make every product in-house. We run a 24-hour production schedule in order to get the freshest product to our stores daily. We have a production center with a team of artisan bakers and pastry chefs that focus on traditional pastry construction and/or Viennoiserie [Editor's Note: I've seen it! The aroma is intoxicating.]. 

Additionally, we have a top executive savory chef team that has worked in many of the fine dining restaurants in Orange County and LA. We are so blessed to have such an amazing culinary team attached at Pandor. As an example, many people don't realize that we have a top baker with his Masters in Baking from the top baking school in France working on our bread construction. We often don't tout the credentials we hold because we feel the most important thing is that our skill and passion come out in the type of food we produce.

With locations in Newport, Belmont Shore and Anaheim, how do the spaces differ (if at all)?
They all have their own character, and we try to customize our menu to meet the needs of that neighborhood. Newport and Belmont are the most similar in menu selection. At our Anaheim location, we offer a slightly smaller savory menu; however, it's a location we like to experiment with and offer some fun, unique offerings, i.e. our crepe burrito. This is one of my favorite new products.

Best culinary tip for the home baker, and where do you recommend they shop for quality butter and cream?
Keep your chin up and you can do it. I really like Surfas at SoCo. They have a great selection of hard-to-find ingredients.


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