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Just ask anyone who has visited France for the first time, and they can most likely describe for you the incredible taste of the bread, and where they were when they enjoyed their first bite. Bread is an all important culinary hallmark in France, as it is here at Pandor. The crunchy crust , the moist interior, he density and rich flavors around, and sometimes the bread is infused with a surprise – perhaps a hint of sweet, a handful of nuts or olives, cranberries, and other accoutrements that fill the bread with sheer delight.

Pandor proudly produces authentic French Artisan breads made in the traditional fashion. We have a working partnership with a master baker in St. Maxime, France, who has recently been rated as one of the top bakers in France.  He tests all of our baking & pastry chefs who then come here and produce the products to the exact same level of quality and consistency at Pandor. This may be one of the most time consuming process that Pandor follows, but we feel that it is so necessary because it produces the best breads imaginable.

We use no preservatives or additives. Instead, we use the finest ingredients, a custom blend of flours, European equipment and a time consuming baking process. By doing this, we produce for our guests incredibly delicious artisanal breads to share at a picnic or around the table.

Pain, c’est l’amour! Bread is love!

Bread Products Available at Pandor Boulangerie & Café

  • Baguette du Chef
  • Baguette Multigrain
  • Cranberry, Walnut and Red Wine Loaf
  • Olive Loaf
  • Provencal Multigrain Loaf
  • Provencal Boule
  • Epis
  • Pain Aux Lait 

Our Recipe for Delicious Pandor Breads

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