Pandor Bakery Launches Crepes at Belmont Shore

When one thinks of a traditional crepe, images of Paris are often brought to mind, with a myriad of delicious scents wafting through the winding alleyways.  And while this delicious custom originated in Brittany, northern France, versions of the crepe can be seen across the globe in many variations.  Many countries including Austria, Serbia, and Germany, all have their own version of this versatile “pancake”, some with feta cheese, jams, and most famously, a hazelnut spread called Nutella.  However, it is most famous for being one of the national dishes of France.

In terms of preparation, the crepe batter is both simplistic yet subtle.  Too runny and you’ll end up with a soppy mess.  Too thick and it will be burnt and dry.  After pouring the batter onto the skillet or grill, a T-shaped tool called a rozel is delicately used to spread the crepe batter over the lightly buttered surface.  The process requires both a light hand and plenty of training, so at Pandor Bakery we make sure that our crepe-making staff is thoroughly trained by our crepe Master, Kamel.  Once the crepe is fully cooked on the outside, the fun part begins.  

Crepes can be served as both sweet and savory options.  At Pandor Bakery, the Romeo and Julliette crepe, filled with banana, strawberries, whipped cream, and Nutella, is a huge fan-favorite for those with a sweet-tooth! However, for those seeking a more savory meal, the A la Dinde crepe (turkey, bacon, swiss, avocado, tomato, and onions) always seems to hit the spot.  Or if you’re feeling creative, try your hand at the “Build Your Own Crepe”!  

Long story short, crepes have been around for centuries and it’s easy to guess why.   By serving delicious crepes at the Newport Beach, Belmont Shores, and Anaheim locations, we are passionately fulfilling our mission to bring fresh, traditional, French fare to Orange County.  And if you haven’t yet experienced the crepe-magic, we would be proud to serve you your first! Bonne appétit à bientôt!

Stop by our Belmont Shore location on 2nd Street in Long Beach to experience the amazing flavors. We are offering our crepes at 50% off for Happy Hour Crepes at Belmont Shore only after 4 pm. Now is the best time to try. (limited time offer)



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